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Beyond properties of current top performance alloys

InvestigatorRNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Number of Project21-02203X
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2021-01-01 - 2025-12-31

Current top performance alloys still show a considerable potential to improve their properties. The project deals with two kinds of materials: (i) new-designed low alloyed martensitic steels with the goal to increase their ductility at room temperature while keeping their top strength and (ii) new-generation oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) Fe-Al based alloys with the goal to increase their creep strength at 1100-1300 °C by tuning the grain morphology. The increase in ductility of the martensitic steels with a special chemical composition should be achieved by controlled heat treatment which allows tuning the morphology of strengthening C-based nanoclusters in martensite. Such a nanostructure can effectively block dislocation motion and activate deformation in nano-twining modes without formation of stress concentration initiating the fracture process. The optimal grain morphology of new-generation ODS alloys will be achieved by hot consolidation of ODS powders by rotary swaging (this method has never been used before) followed by annealing to provoke secondary recrystallization.