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Hydrogen permeation in Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloys

Number of Project106/99/1179
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration1998-12-31 - 2001-12-30

The subject of the proposal is the study of migration characteristics of hydrogen in fourteen Ni3A1-based alloys in dependence on temperature chosen from interval 650-1200 K and on concentration of the third alloying element M (M=B,Cr,Fe and Zr). The measurements of hydrogen permeability will be carried out with mono-phase alloys by permeation technique. The proposed issue is at the top of interest of many scientific teams in recent years, since the H-induced brittlenes of Ni3Al, and of intermetalliin general, is the crucial obstacle on the way to much wider application of intermetallics into the technical practice. The new experimental results obtained in present project will shed some light into the kinetics of brittle-to-ductile transformation.

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