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Modelling of diffusive and massive phase transformations in solids

InvestigatorRNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Number of Project1-2005
AgencyASO Brno
Duration2004-12-31 - 2005-12-30

Massive transformations can be considered as the limitting case of diffusive phase transformations, when the diffusive processes are localized in the interface between two phases and its nearest surroundings. Thus, for the models of the massive transformation a thick interface with its internal structure and thermodynamic properties different from those of adjacent grains must be assumed. Then solute segregation and drag effects in the migrating interface take place, and these processes modify the contact conditions at the migrating interface. As a result the massive transformation can occur also in the two phase region i.e. under conditions for which the diffusive transformation is predicted by sharp interface models. In the case of diffusive phase transformation also the non-equilibrium contact conditions can exist at the migrating interface which may significantly modify the transformation kinetics. For the diffusive as well as massive transformations a uniform thick-interface model will be developed and used for simulation of kinetics of both types of transformations.

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