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Kinetics of hydrogen storage in new complex hydrides of (Mg-Ni-M-S)-H type

Number of Project17-21683S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2016-12-31 - 2019-12-30

New types of hydrogen storage alloys with high sorption kinetics and high capacity are the keys to promote the applications in the area of clean power generation. Among the many candidates for hydrogen storage alloys, Mg and Mg-based alloys steadily attract attention due to the Mg abundance, low density and high hydrogen storage capacity. High stability of hydrides in these alloys, sluggish sorption kinetics and high operation temperature are the main obstacles impeding their wide application in clean power generation, storage and transport. Targets of this project are to find stable intermetallics Mg-X (9candidate elements of the 13th and 14th group) and powdered amorphous alloys N (candidate alloys: Fe-Ni-B a Co-Fe) that would act as effective gates for easy hydrogen sorption and that preserve storage capacity of the base Mg-Ni-C. The principal preparation technique is ball-milling of Mg-Ni-C base with Mg-X and/or with N that would catalyze the hydrogen sorption, enable fine milling and suppress the oxidation of the composition. Main experimental techniques: PCT, SEM, XDR, DSC. Measured sorption characteristics: kinetic constants, cycling durability, sorption capacity, activation enthalpy and entropy of sorption, TPS spectra. Theoretical calculations Mg-X will be also conducted.


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