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Ing. Michal Jambor, Ph.D.

Phone number+420 532 290 414
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDR-6119-2018
Positionresearcher - High Cycle Fatigue Group


Fintová S., Kuběna I., Chlupová A., Jambor M., Šulák I., Chlup Z., Polák J.: Frequency-dependent fatigue damage in polycrystalline copper analyzed by FIB tomography. Acta Mater. 211 (2021) 116859


Šebestová H., Horník P., Mrňa L., Jambor M., Horník V., Pokorný P., Hutař P., Ambrož O., Doležal P.: Fatigue properties of laser and hybrid laser-TIG welds of thermo-mechanically rolled steels. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 772 (2020) 138780

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