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Ing. Štěpán Gamanov

Phone number+420 532 290 371
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDHKF-1280-2023
Positionphd student - Advanced High-temperature Materials Group
Supervisorprof. RNDr. Antonín Dlouhý, CSc.


Poloprudský J., Gamanov Š., Chlupová A., Klichová D., Nag A., Stolárik G., Hloch S.: Water droplet erosion assessment in the initial stages on AISI 316L using kernel average misorientation. Tribology International 191 (2024) 109165

Gamanov Š., Dlouhý A., Bürger D., Eggeler G., Thome P.: Evolution of local misorientations in the gamma/gamma prime - microstructure of single crystal superalloys during creep studied with the rotation vector baseline (RVB) EBSD method. Microsc. Res. Tech. 87 (2024) 516-533


Svoboda J., Kocich R., Gamanov Š., Kunčická L., Luptáková N., Dymáček P.: Processing window for hot consolidation by rolling and rotary swaging of Fe-10Al-4Cr-4Y2O3 ODS nanocomposite. Materials Today Communications 34 (2023) 105393

Gamanov Š., Luptáková N., Bořil P., Jarý M., Mašek B., Dymáček P., Svoboda J.: Mechanisms of plastic deformation and fracture in coarse grained Fe-10Al-4Cr-4Y2O3 ODS nanocomposite at 20-1300°C. Journal of Materials Research and Technology 24 (2023) 4863-4874


Holzer J., Gamanov Š., Luptáková N., Dlouhý A., Svoboda J.: Coarsening Kinetics of Y2O3 Dispersoid in New Grade of Fe-Al-Cr-Based ODS Alloy. Metals 12 (2022) 12020210

Gamanov Š., Holzer J., Roupcová P., Svoboda J.: High temperature oxidation kinetics of Fe 10Al 4Cr 4Y2O3 ODS alloy at 1200 1400 C. Corros. Sci. 206 (2022) 110498

Svoboda J., Gamanov Š., Bártková D., Luptáková N., Bořil P., Jarý M., Mašek B., Holzer J., Dymáček P.: The Optimization of Mechanical Alloying Conditions of Powder for the Preparation of a Fe-10Al-4Cr-4Y2O3 ODS Nanocoposite. Materials 15 (2022) 9034


Moravčík I., Gamanov Š., Moravčíková-Goueva L., Kováčová Z., Kitzmantel M., Neubauer E., Dlouhý I.: Influence of Ti on the Tensile Properties of the High-Strength Powder Metallurgy High Entropy Alloys. Materials 13 (2020) 578


Poczklán L., Mazánová V., Gamanov Š., Kruml T.: Fatigue crack growth rate in axial, torsional and multiaxial mode in 316L austenitic steel. Procedia Struct. Integr. 23 (2019) 269-274