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SPM LiteScope (NenoVision)

Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) designed for easy integration into the Scanning Electron Microscopes. The combination of complementary AFM and SEM techniques enables to use the advantages of both commonly used microscopy techniques. LiteScope incorporates a unique imaging technique "Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy (CPEM)" enabling simultaneous acquisition of AFM and SEM data. LiteScope and the CPEM technology allow sample analysis in a way that was previously difficult or impossible by the two imaging technologies simultaneously.

Our equipment offers the following SPM techniques:

  • measurements of surface topography using AFM, incl. automated mapping of large surfaces
  • scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • characterizations of electrical properties of surfaces by measuring the EBIC current (see also MightyEBIC 2.0)
  • characterizations of magnetic properties of surfaces using MFM