The research activity of the group is concentrated on:
  • Experimental study of materials microstructure in connection with phase transformations
  • Thermodynamic modelling of multicomponent alloy systems and kinetics of phase transformations
  • Diffusion processes in solids and diffusion of hydrogen in selected functional materials
The first topic includes application of electron microscopy, both scanning and transmission, x-ray microanalysis including, to the study of microstructure of wide range of materials. The study of relations between existing phases, their morphology and mechanical properties on advanced structural materials (high-chromium steels, magnesium alloys, nickel alloys) should be mentioned among the recent results. The second topic is based on the application of existing thermodynamic models for calculations of thermodynamic equilibria and phase diagrams modelling in multicomponent systems, and simulation of diffusional processes. The third topic is focused on the study of volume diffusion and diffusion along high-diffusivity paths, on chemical diffusion under concentration gradients in multiphase materials and weldments, and on the study of transport properties of hydrogen in Mg-based materials for energy storage.
The topics solved by the group in the last five years:
  • Advanced experimental and theoretical approaches to size-dependent phase diagrams of nanoalloys
  • Thermal and phase stability of advanced thermoelectric materials
  • Local microstructural changes induced by static and dynamic indentation in nanostructured and nanolaminate coatings
  • The link between microstructure and creep behaviour of precipitate strengthened alloys processed by ECAP
  • Mg diffusion in Mg-xNi and Mg-xNi-yX alloys with X = Zn, Ga, In, Si, Ge and Sn
  • Study of surface of selected Ni alloys exposed to molted halide salts
  • Carbon diffusion in carbon-supersaturated ferrite and austenite steels
  • Kinetics of hydrogen desorption in Mg-base alloys modified by selected interstitial elements
  • Porous material for hydrogen storage and the methods of its preparation (Pat. No. 302464)
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