Scanning electron microscope Tescan LYRA 3 XMH FEG/SEM
Scanning electron microscope with FEG electron source.
Scanning electron microscope Tescan LYRA 3 XMU FEG/SEMxFIB
Contact person: Ing. Ivo Kuběna, Ph.D.
Scanning electron microscope Tescan LYRA 3 XMU FEG/SEMxFIB with FEG electron source.
Setaram PCT PRO – E&E
It is a fully automated Sievert’s instrument for measurement of gas sorption properties of materials.
Transmission electron microscope JEOL JEM-2100F
High resolution transmission electron microscope JEOL JEM-2100F with FEG electron source.
Transmission electron microscope Philips CM12 STEM
Contact person: Miroslav Daniel,
Analytical transmission electron microscope Philips CM12 STEM with thermoemission source of electrons.
The furnace MILA-5000 is characterized by extremely high rate of heating and rapid cooling of samples in vacuum, protective atmosphere or air.
Diamond Saw LECO VC-50
The diamond saw is ideal for precise sectioning with minimal material deformation. It is suitable for sectioning of extremely hard materials - ceramics or metals.
Furnace Balzers VSG 02
The vacuum induction furnace with maximum charge of about 0.3 kg. The melting experiments can be conducted under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere.
Furnace MAM-1
The furnace MAM-1 is an arc melter designed for melting samples of approximate weight of 5-20 g under protective atmosphere Ar. The batch is melted on water cooled copper plate and it is possible also suction casting. The maximum melting temperature is 3500°C.
Furnace Thoughventions Unlimited FF-HV1400
Furnace can perform heating of laboratory samples in high vacuum and protective atmosphere.
Laboratory furnace LAC LT
The laboratory horizontal tube furnace with 40mm inside diameter of tube. It can be used up to temperature 1300°C.
Laboratory furnaces Classic
Four horizontal tube furnaces with 40mm inside diameter of tube. They can be used up to temperature 1550°C. The temperature of sample is measured by thermocouple located near the sample. The temperature is stabilized within ± 1°C.
LSC (Tri-Carb 3170 TR/SL)
The computer-controlled liquid scintillation analyzer of liquid samples (low-level liquid scintillation analyzer/counter LSC) is suitable for detecting of extremely low beta radioactivity.
Microtom Leica RM2255
The rotary automated microtome which allows precise sectioning of radioactive samples with accurate specimen settings enables to set an exact zero point and angle of cutting.
Millbrook MiniSIMS
The device is designed to chemical analysis of surface, concentration mapping and depth profiling of chemical composition in metal materials by SIMS method.
Canberra 2404 alpha/beta/gamma
The system for detection of alfa/beta/gamma radioactivity. The system is equipped by two sensitive ionization chambers in anticoincidence arrangement.
NaI/Tl Canberra 2007P
The system for detection and spectroscopy of gamma radiation.
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