RNDr. Jiří Buršík, CSc., DSc.
Position: researcher
Group: Structure of Phases and Thermodynamics Group
Rooms: 410
Phone numbers: +420 532 290 473
Reseacher ID: B-8684-2013
Local microstructural changes induced by static and dynamic indentation in nanostructured and nanolaminate coatings
Nucleation and growth of oxygen precipitates in silicon
Spinodal Decomposition in Half-Heusler Alloys: A nanostructuring route towards high efficiency thermoelectric materials
Synthesis of carbon micro- and nanostructures by plasma technologies
Thermal and phase stability of advanced thermoelectric materials
Thermodynamics and microstructure of environmentally friendly nanoparticle solders
J. Luňáček, O. Životský, P. Janoš, M. Došek, A. Chrobak, M. Maryško, J. Buršík, Y. Jirásková: Structure and magnetic properties of synthesized fine cerium dioxide nanoparticles. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 753 (2018) 167-175.
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Y. Jiraskova, J. Bursik, A. Zemanova, J. Cizek, P. Hruska, O. Zivotsky,
Effect of hydrogen on Fe and Pd alloying and physical properties,
Internationl Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2017) 6885.

Fe95PdH5 and Fe95Pd5 nanopowders were prepared by mechanical alloying (MA) using high energy ball milling. Two ways of the sample preparation were compared in order to examine the effect of hydrogen on MA: (i) A-sample: Pd powder was pre-charged with hydrogen and subsequent MA of Fe and PdH was performed in Ar protective atmosphere; (ii) B-sample: Fe and Pd powders were mechanically alloyed in hydrogen atmosphere. The milling procedure was interrupted and alloying followed by several experimental methods up to the final state achieved after 50 h of milling.

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J. Sopoušek, A. Kryštofová, M. Premovic, O. Zobač, S. Polsterová, P. Brož, J. Buršík : Au-Ni nanoparticles: Phase diagram prediction, synthesis, characterization and thermal stability. CALPHAD:58 (2017) 25-33.
A. Titov, o. Životský, A. Hendrych, D. Janikovič, J. Buršík, Y. Jirásková : Co2FeSi Heusler Alloy Prepared by Arc Melting and Planar Flow Casting Metods: Microstructure and Magnetism. 16th Czech and Slovak Conference on Magnetism 131 (2017) 654-656.

Lunacek J., Zivotsky O., Jiraskova Y., Bursik J., Janos P.: Thermally stimulated iron oxide transformations and magnetic behaviour of cerium dioxide/iron oxide reactive sorbents.
Mat. Charact. 120 (2016) 295-303.

The paper was devoted to detailed study of the magnetically separable sorbents based on a cerium dioxide/iron oxide composite. An identification of iron oxides, their transformations Fe3O4 → gamma-Fe2O3 (epsilon-Fe2O3) → alpha-Fe2O3 and quantitative estimation of the grain size distributions in dependence on calcination temperatures have contributed to detail description of magnetic properties.

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J. Buršík, M. Svoboda, E. Švábenská, V. Buršíková, P. Souček, L. Zábranský, p.Vašina: Characterization of Mo-B-C Nanostructured Coating Microstructure by means of AEM and GDOES. Nanocon 2016: 8th International Conference (2017) 806-810.

Zivotsky O., Titov A., Jiraskova Y., Bursik J., Hendrych A., Hrabovska K., Tsepelev VS.:
Surface and bulk magnetic anisotropy in bilayered CoSiB/FeNbCuSiB and FeNbSiB/FeSiB ribbons,
J. Alloys Comp. 681 (2016) 402-411.

The study was devoted to the surface and bulk magnetic anisotropy of the bilayered Co72.5Si12.5B15/Fe73.5Nb3Cu1Si13.5B9 and Fe74.5Nb3Si13.5B9/Fe77.5Si7.5B15 ribbons prepared by modernized planar flow casting technology. The thickness of ribbons was about 36 mm while the interlayer thickness reaches typically a few μm. A bending of ribbons has led to changes in both surface and bulk anisotropies which, completed with microstructure analysis, have given the basic complex data prospectively usable for sensor applications.


Jiraskova Y., Bursik J., Hapla M., Turek I.: Influence of Molybdenum on the Alloying and Physical Properties of Fe-Al,
J. Supercon. Nov. Magn. 28 (2015) 905-910.

The Fe with 29 at.% Al and 1.5 at.% Mo, corresponding to THERMENOL composition, was prepared using mechanical alloying. The main attention was devoted to the dynamics of the alloying process, phase composition, and magnetic properties. The formation of a quasi-binary (Fe-Mo)-Al system was obtained after 32 h and the alloy has reached the finest structure of homogeneously distributed elements. The alloying by Mo has induced changes in magnetic properties depending on the milling time: for shorter times, the coercivity has been reduced as compared to Fe-Al alloys of similar compositions, whereas for longer times, an increase in the coercivity due to induced strains and defects has been observed.

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J. Štrof, J. Pavlů, U.D. Wdowik, J. Buršík, M. Šob, J. Vřešťál:
Laves phases in the V-Zr system below room temperature: Stability analysis using ab initio results and phase diagram,
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