New IPM and IPM infra promotion spots
5. 3. 2018
New promotion spots were added to the Multimedia section as well as to the youtube channel.
Both spots you can find here (in Czech)

An honorary medal of Ernst Mach to Prof. Jean-Luc Martin
11. 1. 2018
On 18 January 2018, the president of the Czech Academy of Sciences will
award an honorary medal of Ernst Mach for merits in Physics to prof.
Jean-Luc Martin. Prof. Martin has been cooperating with our institute
for many years. On this occasion, the symposium Current trends in
materials science will be held on 19 January 2018 in Prague, where
several close associates of Prof. Martin will present their current
Symposium programme

Mrs Jana Tajovská and Mr Stanislav Toncr were awarded for outstanding work
4. 12. 2017

Two excellent workers of our Institute, Mrs. Jana Tajovská and Mr. Stanislav Toncr, were awarded by a Letter of Gratitude of the CAS. The Letter was presented by the President of the CAS prof. E. Zažímalová in Prague on November 22. The IPM management congratulates both the honoured colleagues.

Public lectures in Literary Café
1. 11. 2017
December 13, 2017, 17:00
Topic: What materials are able to bind plasma?
Ing. Luděk Stratil, Ph.D., Institute of Physics of Materials ASCR, v. v. i.
Location: Literary Café and Bookstore Academia in Brno, Náměstí Svobody 13, Brno.

November 15, 2017, 17:00
Theme: Materials and structures around us
RNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc., Institute of Physics of Materials AS CR, v. v. i.
Location: Literary Café and Bookstore Academia in Brno, Náměstí Svobody 13, Brno.

The open house day at the IPM (November 9, 2017 at 8:30 - 15:00)
31. 10. 2017
The open house day at the IPM will be held on November 9, 2017 at 8:30 - 15:00

New virtual lab tour
4. 8. 2017
A virtual tour of selected institutes' laboratories together with basic information about individual facilities invites you to visit here.

Science popularization lectures in the regions
8. 6. 2017
Interests from the research of mechanical properties of materials developed for industrial applications, biomechanics and ecology were presented by Jan Klusák during two invited scientific and popular lectures in Humpolec and Ostrava.

More information here.
Significant publication of prof. Mojmír Šob
24. 4. 2017
The journal Progress in Materials Science published the results of P. Lejček, M. Šob and V. Paidar. This journal, with an impact factor of 31.083, is the third most significant magazine (out of 271) in the field of Materials Science, Multidisciplinary. The article titled “Interfacial segregation and grain boundary embrittlement: An overview and critical assessment of experimental data and calculated results” is the work of Pavel Lejček from the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Mojmír Šob from the Institute of Physics of Materials, the Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC and the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno, and Václav Paidar of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The authors assume that the results presented in the article will bring a new perspective on the assessment of the effects of individual impurities on the intergranular embrittlement of metallic materials.

Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák DrSc. dr.h.c. was awarded the Ernst Mach Honorary Medal for merit in the physical sciences
23. 1. 2017
Prof. Jaroslav Polák is one of the leading scientists in the field of materials physics. His lifetime work contributed significantly to the development of materials science, it influenced the world science in the area and achieved worldwide recognition in the field. The most important contribution to world science material fatigue is experimental work and the development model illustrating the initiation of fatigue cracks in crystalline materials. On 19 January 2017 he took Ernst Mach Honorary Medal for merit in the physical sciences from the President of the AS CR prof. Jiří Drahoš. For more information click here.

The open house day at the IPM (November 10, 2016 at 8:30 - 15:00)
17. 10. 2016
The open house day at the IPM will be held November 10, 2016 at 8:30 - 15:00

The multi-genre open air festival A-Fest in Park 2016
8. 8. 2016
The multi-genre open air festival A-Fest in Park 2016 organized by the Academy of Sciences together with Botanical Institute of AS CR in Pruhonice Castle and Park, 3 September 2016 from 11:00 to 20:00. More information at http://a-fest.avcr.cz/

Information related to GDOES measurements
10. 6. 2016
Please find information in the attached PDF document here (in Czech only).

More information here.
Attractions of the physics of materials we have shown to thousands visitors
24. 5. 2016
Science Fair (Veletrh vědy) was held at the Prague Exhibition Centre Letňany PVA Expo from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st May 2016. The Institute of Physics of Materials was represented by both science-popularizing experiments and demonstration of research activities and infrastructure of IPM infra.
Photo galery and short report from this event can be found here

Prof. Dr. Jörg Neugebauer received (on the proposal from IPM) the Ernst Mach Medal
13. 5. 2016
Prof. Dr. Jörg Neugebauer received (on the proposal from IPM) the Ernst Mach Medal
More information here (in czech)

Prof. ing. Karel Hrbáček, DrSc. awarded by František Křižík medal
9. 3. 2016
Prof. ing. Karel Hrbáček, DrSc took over from the hands of President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic František Križík medal, which is awarded to outstanding personalities for their achievements in the field of technical sciences and for the implementation of the results. He received the award on the basis of a proposal submitted by IPM ASCR summarizing the long-term cooperation between the IPM and První Brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš in the field of research and development of high-temperature materials for the manufacture of critical components of stationary gas turbines, aircraft engines and turbochargers. Cooperation brought a number of findings published in scientific journals and contributed significantly to the competitiveness of the company První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš.

More information here.
Martin Friák participates in the meeting of European scientists and MEPs in Brussels
15. 2. 2016
One of the participants in the meeting of European scientists with Members of European Parliament in Brussels, January 25 – 27, 2016, was Mgr. Friák Martin, Ph.D., from the Institute of Physics of Materials ASCR in Brno, who was chosen for scientific advising by member of EP Ing. Evžen Tošenovský, dr. h. c., the vice chair of the Science and Technology Options Assessment panel of the EP. The MEP Tosenovsky was interested in the development of new materials and doctor Friák introduced him the new strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences Strategy 21. Details can be found here

Three employees of IPM awarded by ¨Děkovné listy¨
27. 11. 2015
Děkovnými listy Akademie věd ČR byly oceněni tito zaměstnanci našeho ústavu:
Jaroslava Dujíčková, Viktor Lakomý a Alexandra Orságová.
Všem oceněným gratulujeme!!!

Pro celou zprávu a fotogalerii navštivte tuto stránku

Mojmír Šob was awarded the Medal of Josef Hlávka Foundation
16. 11. 2015
Prof. Mojmír Šob is a well-known scientist specialising in computational materials science and theoretical solid-state physics and chemistry. He is a pioneer in applications of advanced quantum-mechanical methods for investigation and development of new technologically important materials. His activities contribute substantially to the excellence of research in the Czech Republic. On Nov. 16, 2015, he was awarded the Josef Hlávka Medal in recognition of his lifelong achievements in scientific research. The celebration took place at the Castle of Josef Hlávka in Lužany.

Věda fotogenická - Úspěch Jana Klusáka a Natálie Luptákové
26. 10. 2015
Letos proběhl druhý ročník soutěže Věda fotogenická. Barvy Ústavu fyziky materiálů hájili se svými snímky mnozí pracovníci ústavu.
Ze 142 fotografií vybrala odborná porota 44 semifinálových fotografií, z nichž 10 pocházelo od našich pracovníků. Prohlédnout si je můžete zde:


Je velkým úspěchem, že fotografie našich pracovníků získaly ocenění ve třech kategoriích:

Vědci ve fotografii: 3. místo – Kráska a creeper – Jan Klusák
Cena udělená Akademickou radou AV ČR: 1. místo – Jan Klusák
Cena za online hlasování: 1. místo – Výbuch vesmírné družice – Natália Luptáková

Vyhlášení výsledků Věda fotogenická 2015


Milan Heczko suceeded in the competition for the Fulbright Fellowship
15. 10. 2015
Mgr. Milan Heczko, PhD. Student in the Low Cycle Fatigue Group, was nominated among five candidates from the Czech Republic, who will be awarded the Fulbright fellowship for the postgradual study in academic year 2016/2017.
Successful candidates had to pass application process consisting of three rounds. Only 15 applicants advanced into the final round – the interview with the members of the Fulbright committee. After then, the five candidates who will be supported by the Fulbright Program were selected. Final nomination will be confirmed by the U.S. Institution „Board of Foreign Scholarships“ in April 2016.
Milan Heczko will join research team led by prof. Michael J. Mills at the Ohio State University. The group is focused on advanced superalloy development based on close cooperation of experimental and computational part of research.

The open house day at the IPM (November 5, 2015 at 8:30 - 15:00)
15. 9. 2015
The open house day at the IPM will be held November 5, 2015 at 8:30 ďż˝ 15:00

More information here.
Festival of Science 2015
15. 9. 2015
Festival of Science 2015

More information here.
Dr. Jiří Buršík was awarded by the APDIC
18. 6. 2015
The APDIC Best Paper Award 2014, the prize for the best published manuscript on alloy phase diagram data in the year 2014, was awarded to Dr. Jiří Buršík for the paper “The Systems Tantalum (Niobium) - Cobalt - Boron” published by J. Wind, O. Romaniv, G. Schöllhammer, J. Buršík, H. Michor, G. Geister and P. Rogl, in Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, 35(2014), pp. 43-85
APDIC (Alloy Phase Diagram International Committee - www.apdic.info) is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 as a council of members who maintain major phase diagram activities.
In order to promote the activities of phase diagram related work, APDIC awards the BPA each year to the authors of that judged to be the best publication in the field of phase equilibria and thermodynamics of the previous year in any scientific journal. The spirit of the BPA is to commend a scientific achievement reported within the year of selection, and therefore, a single paper will be selected.

More information here.
Street exhibition „Art of Science“
4. 6. 2015
On June 04, 2015 during a vernissage, Brno began journey of the street exhibition after six large cities of the Czech Republic. All 54 institutes of the Academy of Sciences present on large panels.
IPM has contributed to the exhibition by presentation of a historical revelation of persistent slip bands (Contribution titled: Může se hliník unavit i jinak, než cestou do Humpolce?), presentation of successful project GlaCerCo (The paper called On the way to replace bone marrow) and the current major discovery in the paper titled Magnetically dead layer revives memories of computers.
Doing science is a kind of art! www.umenivedy.cz

Dates and venues of the exhibition:
Brno: 30. 5. - 28. 6. 2015 - nádvoří Mahenova divadla
Olomouc: 30. 6. – 23. 7. 2015 - Dolní náměstí
Ostrava: 25. 7. – 23. 8. 2015 - Nádraží Svinov
Jihlava: 25. 8. – 20. 9. 2015 - Park Gustava Mahlera
České Budějovice: 22. 9. – 13. 10. 2015 - Náměstí Přemysla Otakara II.
Praha: 24. 10. – 19. 11. 2015 - Alšovo nábřeží

More information here.
A. Ostapovets received Otto Wichterle Award
28. 5. 2015
President of the Academy of Sciences, on the proposal of the jury for the "Otto Wichterle Award" for young researchers in the ASCR, awarded Andriy Ostapovets, worker of our institute. Congratulations!

Successful RoLiCer Workshop “Fracture in ceramic matrix composites”
17. 10. 2014
Successful RoLiCer Workshop “Fracture in ceramic matrix composites” was held at our institute 15.10.2014. The quality lectures in the field of fracture mechanics of ceramic and ceramic based composites together with high number of participants result in very pleasant atmosphere.

More information here.
12. 11. 2014 The open house day at the IPM within the Week of Science and Technology
10. 10. 2014
12. 11. 2014 The open house day at the IPM within the Week of Science and Technology

More information here.
IPM on the way to replace bone marrow (in czech)
19. 6. 2014
A biocompatible composite coating based on polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose microfibers was developed within the EU project GlaCerCo. After application of the coating on the porous structure of bioglass (considered as a substitute for bone marrow) the mechanical properties in tension and compression were studied and it was confirmed very positive effect of the coating on the mechanical response of the porous structure.

More information here.
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