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The aim of the Institute of Physics of Materials of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i. (IPM ASCR, v. v. i.) is to elucidate the relation between the behaviour and properties of materials and their structural and microstructural characteristics.
Research Groups
4. 8. 2017 - New virtual lab tour
8. 6. 2017 - Science popularization lectures in the regions
24. 4. 2017 - Significant publication of prof. Mojmír Šob
17. - 22. 09. 2017 Symposium D8 (Ab initio models for thermodynamic and elastic properties of advanced materials) at the EUROMAT 2017 organized by Prof. Sergei Dudarev (University of Oxford, UK) and Dr. Martin Friak
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19. 09. 2017