Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z2.5 equipped with micro hardness head ZHU0.2 with optics
Load cell of testing machine up to 2.5 kN. Micro hardness head equipped with instrumented Vickers, Knoop and universal micro-hardness test with load up to 200 N and position resolution 20 nm. The hardness measurement head can be used in manual and automated measurement. A motorized table of the X-Y displacement unit is available for fully automatic measurement in line or matrix arrangement. All hardness tests can use indention depth measurement and consequent evaluation. To carry out standard hardness tests to Vickers, Knoop or Brinell the built-in optical unit (with objectives 5x, 10x and 20x) is used. The testXpert® is testing software used for hardness testing with wide range of available methods.
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19. 06. 2018