MTS 880 servo-hydraulic testing machine for thermo-mechanical fatigue
Contact person: Ing. Ji Man, Ph.D.
Computer controlled testing machine allows cycling with combined mechanical and thermal loading in the temperature range from 24C up to 1200C. Fatigue machine with a capacity of 50 kN is equipped with a silent hydraulic of 25 l / min pump and servo valve with a capacity of 16 l / min. The digital control unit with upgraded FlexTest SE software allows us to perform closed-loop tests under stress or strain control. Mechanical loading can be complemented by thermal loading created using induction heating with capacity 10 kW. Temperature during test is measured using thermocouples connected to the centre and to the ends of specimen gauge length and controlled by the three-channel controller. The machine accessory includes water-cooled hydraulic grips. For testing at room temperature also mechanical grips can be used. For accurate measurement of deformations during mechanical and temperature loading the air cooled extensometers with ceramic extensions are used. Using this testing machine the determination of fatigue characteristics at combined thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) loading can be performed in the temperature range from 24C to 1200C.
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19. 06. 2018