MTS 810 servo-hydraulic testing machine for fatigue loading at temperature from 24C up to 1000C
Contact person: Ing. Ji Man, Ph.D.
Computer controlled fatigue testing machine with a capacity of 100 kN is equipped with a silent hydraulic unit (25 l / min) and a servo valve (38 l / min). The electronic unit with software Teststar IIs allows closed loop testing under strain or stress control. Tests under high temperatures (up to 1000 C) are performed using a split three-zone resistance furnace controlled by three-channel controller. Specimens are fixed using high temperature mechanic-hydraulic grips. Measurement of longitudinal and transversal deformation is performed using special water-cooled high-temperature extensometers. Application: determination of fatigue characteristics as fatigue-life curves and hardening and softening curves of different types of materials intended for applications operating at very high temperatures.
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19. 06. 2018