Micro-testing machine MTS Tytron 250
The Tytron 250 material testing system is designed specifically to test small specimens with low loads (0.001 to 250 N). This general-purpose system provides precise control for static and dynamic testing. Its advanced linear electromagnetic servomotor, air-bearings and high-speed digital control give the system speed up to 0.5 m/s, testing frequency up to 50Hz. This system is suitable for testing of electronic components, biomaterials and medical devices, polymers, and other small specimens and components. Fixtures for tensile and three or four point bend test are available. The pneumatic, spring action and mechanical screw grips can be used for attaching fibres, foils and bars. A set of precious clip-on extensometers for deformation measurement are available. Also non-contact system can be employed.
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19. 06. 2018