High temperature test system
The test system is designed for testing at temperatures up to 1600°C. Tests can be performed in vacuum or under a protective argon atmosphere. There are preparations made of SiC for 3 and 4 - point bending with a span of rollers of 20 or 40 mm and the compression plates. For the bending and compression tests can be used the built in extensometer. The test system enables also testing in the tensile mode where the fixtures are made of tungsten alloy. The tensile test and tests in eccentric tension i.e. miniaturized CT specimens are available. The built in extensometer can be used for these tests as well.. The load capacity of the machine is ± 20 kN with the limitation in some tests where the maximum applicable force is constrained by used fixtures and temperature. The system is fully controlled by software testXpert with a high degree of variability and options for editing test procedures, which allows performing complex experiments.
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