Iron and iron oxide nanoparticles with applications in the magnetic separation processes
Investigator: Ing. Oldĝich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
Number of Project: 106/08/1440
Agency: Czech Science Foundation
Duration: 01. 01. 2008 - 31. 12. 2011
The project is focused on co-ordinated complex experimental research of nanocrystalline iron and iron oxide, which have interesting magnetic properties suitable for the application in magnetic separation processes. The graphite coated nanoparticles of alpha-Fe, magnetite and maghemite will be prepared through the solid-state reduction route in reduction atmospheres with using of iron oxides, hydroxides, and compounds as precursors. The synthesized nanopowders are going to be analyzed by various methods allowing their complex characterization of structure and phase composition (XRD, Mössbauer spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, IR, TG/DTA), size and morphology (TEM, AFM, DLS, BET), and magnetic behavior (Mössbauer spectroscopy, VSM, SQUID). Nanopowders will be tested from the viewpoint of their applications in biomagnetic detoxication processes, magnetic separations in mineralogy and in ecological applications.
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