Atomic ordering at surfaces and interfaces of alloys of 3d metals
Investigator: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
Number of Project: A1041404
Agency: Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Duration: 01. 01. 2004 - 31. 12. 2008
The project is focused on experimental research of atomic ordering and magnetic properties of surfaces and interfaces of alloys of 3d metals in dependence on chemical composition of the material, history of the heat and mechanical treatments of the sample and on influence of the surrounding atmosphere. The main attention will be paid to free surfaces, grain boundaries, and interfaces between substrate and the deposited coating (thin film). The research will be carried out used several spectroscopic methods including those using synchrotron radiation (XPS, MCD). The basic method will be Mössbauer spectroscopy in several modifications, e.g. grazing incidence geometry, source experiments, and detection of conversion electrons. Information of chemical quality and atomic arrangements will be used for explanation of the magnetic behaviour of the surfaces and interfaces. The results will be used for better understanding of engineering materials applied in praxis.
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