High temperature impulse excitation technique IMCE HT1600
The system allows obtaining temperature dependence of the elastic properties of the material by non-destructive impulse excitation method.
High temperature test system
A test system is designed for testing at temperatures up to 1600°C. Tests of metals, ceramics and composites can be performed in vacuum or under a protective argon atmosphere.
Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z50
A universal testing system predominately used for quasi-static tensile, compressive, bending experiments of polymers, metals, ceramic and their composites at wide range of temperatures.
Universal test system INSTRON 8862 with electromechanical actuator
A universal testing system predominately used for bending and compressive experiments of ceramic and ceramic composites at room temperatures.
Instrumented impact tester Zwick/Roell B5113.303 (50 J)
Load measurement, different instrumented and non-instrumented pendulums from 0.5J up to 50J, dynamic tensile test adaptor. The fracture process can be monitored by high speed camera Olympus i-SPEED 3 with extreme low light sensitivity and up to 150,000 fps recoding.
Micro-testing machine MTS Tytron 250
Load cell up to ± 250 N, loading speed up to 0.5 m/s. Fixtures for tensile and three or four point bend test.
Olympus LEXT OLS3100 confocal microscope with AFM modul
Microscope for documentation of microstructure and fracture surfaces, 3D reconstruction of surfaces and their further geometrical analysis.
ESPI System Q-300 Dantec Dynamics
An Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) for high sensitive displacement and strain analysis.
INSTRON E3000 with linear motor technology
Electrodynamic testing instrument INSTRON with closed control loop for static or dynamic testing from very small to high frequencies (200 Hz and more). Maximal load is of ±3000 N for dynamic testing and ±2100 N for static testing. The system is equipped with temperature controlled chamber INSTRON 3119-605 with a temperature range from -100°C in LN2 atmosphere (-70 °C in CO2) to 350 °C and the internal dimensions of 485×240×230 mm.
Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z2.5 equipped with micro hardness head ZHU0.2 with optics
Load cell of testing machine up to 2.5 kN. Micro hardness head equipped with instrumented Vickers, Knoop and universal micro-hardness test with load up to 200 N and position resolution 20 nm.
Acoustic emission kit Dakel IPL
for 4 channels continuous recording of AE signal with measuring and analysing software.
Analytical balances DENVER Summit
The analytical balances Denver Summit are precious tool for weighting of small samples with the precision of 0.1 mg. The available density kit broadens their application to the density measurement.
Grindosonic aparature
Instrument for the non-destructive measurement of the elastic properties of materials.
Precise linear saw Buehler ISOMET 5000
The cutting machine allows precious sectioning of very hard materials using diamond blades of various dimensions.
Drop weight tester
according to ASTM standards.
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