Research areas
Basic mechanisms operating in materials during creep, fatigue, brittle fracture and their combinations in relation to microstructure and their changes
  • Theoretical studies of crack behaviour in metallic materials and components
  • Multi-scale simulation of deformation and fracture processes, quantitative fractography and the prediction of fatigue life under multiaxial loading
  • Solution of problems related to fatigue, creep and brittle fracture of both of currently applied and developed materials in industrial applications

  • Main objectives
    Properties of engineering materials have to be continuously improved in order to achieve higher performance, safety and reliability of engineering systems. The main objective of the research activity of the research group is to study the relation between material structure and material properties, mainly mechanical. The research will be focussed on fatigue, creep, their interaction and fracture properties of advanced materials and metal based composites used or currently being developed for application in energetic, transport and medicine. The expected results cover both the generation of material data necessary for safe and reliable application of engineering structures in service and the extension of basic knowledge on material damage mechanisms.
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    central european institute of technology


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    19. 10. 2018