Experimental and theoretical investigations are carried out in attempt to improve understanding of the relationship between the microstructure and high-temperature mechanical properties of advanced materials for extending the service temperatures in creep related applications. Current research is concentrated on the microstructural evolution and understanding the underlying creep deformation and fracture processes to gain insight to facilitate further development of improved materials. Special attention is given to the methods of prediction creeplife exploted materials.
Following topics have been studied in last five years:
  • creep strenght of advanced martensitic 9-12%Cr steels,
  • microstructure, properties and application of gamma – TiAl intermetallics,
  • creep properties of zirconium alloys for cladding tubes,
  • high-temperature properties of nickel-based superalloys,
  • design and creep behaviour of metal matrix composites (MMCs),
  • creep behaviour of ultrafine-grained metals and alloys processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP),
  • modelling of microstructural processes and high-temperature properties in advanced materials,
  • creep damage assessment and lifetime prediction methods.
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