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Creep behaviour of the alloy based on intermetallic compound Fe3Al with addition of 2.6 at. % chromium and 0.02 at. % cerium was studied at temperatures from 500 °C to 800 °C by small punch testing with a constant force. The dependences of the minimum deflection rate and the time to rupture on the applied force follow similar dependences obtained in uniaxial creep tests of the same alloy. The results of small punch tests clearly reveal existence of different crystal lattices occurring at different temperatures. It is shown that the force applied in the small punch test can be successfully converted into the equivalent applied stress using the empirical formula suggested by the new European standard for small punch testing. The minimum deflection rate can be converted into the minimum creep strain rate as well. The improvement of the latter conversion based on the Monkman Grant relationship is proposed.

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We present experimental data showing that the equiatomic CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy undergoes two magnetic transformations at temperatures below 100 K while maintaining its fcc structure down to 3 K. The first transition, paramagnetic to spin glass, was detected at 93 K and the second transition of the ferromagnetic type occurred at 38 K. Field-assisted cooling below 38 K resulted in a systematic vertical shift of the hysteresis curves. Strength and direction of the associated magnetization bias was proportional to the strength and direction of the cooling field and shows a linear dependence with a slope of 0.006 +/- 0.001 emu/T. The local magnetic moments of individual atoms in the CrMnFeCoNi quinary fcc random solid solution were investigated by ab initio (electronic density functional theory) calculations. Results of the numerical analysis suggest that, irrespective of the initial configuration of local magnetic moments, the magnetic moments associated with Cr atoms align antiferromagnetically with respect to a cumulative magnetic moment of their first coordination shell. The ab initio calculations further showed that the magnetic moments of Fe and Mn atoms remain strong (between 1.5 and 2 Bohr magneton), while the local moments of Ni atoms effectively vanish. These results indicate that interactions of Mn- and/or Fe-located moments with the surrounding magnetic structure account for the observed macroscopic magnetization bias.

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