RNDr. Jiøí Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Position: researcher
Group: Advanced High-temperature Materials Group
Rooms: 201
Phone numbers: +420 532 290 407
Improvement of Properties and Complex Characterization of New Generation Fe-Al-O Based Oxide Precipitation Hardened Steels
High strength hydrogen resistant alloys – Part I
Fundamentals and tools for integrated computational modeling and experimental characterization of materials in the atomic to micrometer scale range
Utilization of theoretical and experimental approaches to sintering for tailoring the microstructure and properties of advanced ceramic materials
Inverse process chain modeling for Al-castings and induction heat treated steel rods
Preparation and Optimization of Creep Resistant Submicron-Structured Composite with Fe-Al Matrix and Al2O3 Particles
Development of new-generation ODS alloys and ODS composites
Z-phase strengthened steels for ultra-supercritical power plants
NETME Working - Innovation and Technology Transfer in Mechanical Engineering
The impact of atomic trapping on diffusion and phase transformation kinetics
Service security of welded high-strength pressurized pipelines
The role of stress state and vacancy supersaturation at the formation of binary hollow nanoparticles
Thermodynamic modelling of microstructure evolution in nanocomposites
Modelling of diffusional phase transformations in multi-component systems with multiple stoichiometric phases
Modelování kinetiky difúzních fázových transformací v pevných látkách
Modelling of diffusive and massive phase transformations in solids
Characterization of the precipitate microstucture
Rebhan B., Svoboda J., Panholzer M.
A thermodynamic study of voiding phenomena in Cu–Cu thermo-compression wafer bonding
Microsystem Technologies 24, Issue 1 (2018) p. 815-822

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Study of pore closure during pressure-less sintering of advanced oxide
Acta Materialia 115 (2016) p. 347-353
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A thermokinetic model for Mg–Si couple
formation in Al–Mg–Si alloys
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Improved thermodynamic treatment of vacancy-mediated diffusion
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based on the thermodynamic extremal principle:
application to the formation of spinel at periclase-corundum contacts
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